HDFury X4 incl. 3D-Converter Firmware – HDMI to HDMI + VGA D/A-Signal Converter + 3D-Converter for 2D TVs, 1080p / FullHD
The HDFury X4 here is delivered with the 3D firmware that allows 3D content to be displayed on 2D monitors.
Two further firmwares are available in the download area (uploadable without any hardware change):
   1. Scaler firmware for scaling resolution and aspect ratio up to 1920×1200 / 1080p@96Hz / 720p120
   2. HDR-SDR firmware for conversion from HDR to SDR formats
  • Using 3D Conversion FW for LCD@50/60Hz is not supported due to inherent ghosting&cross-talk of LCD.
  • Unit ships with Scaler Firmware as default. The HDfury X4 is an updated version of the HDfury4 platform running the Scaler Firmware.
    The HDfury X4 platform is also capable of running the 3D conversion firmware or the HDR to SDR conversion firmware.
    Owners of any HDfury X4 (either HDfury4, HDfury4S or 3Dfury) can flash any firmware (HDR to SDR, Scaler or 3D Conversion) at anytime.

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