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The HDFury is one of the best HDMI Converter in the world. We have solutions like HDMI Converter, HDMI EDID, HDMI scaler, we fix HDCP error, extract HDMI audio, HDMI ARC and eARC extractor

Hdfury Vertex

hdfury vertex
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hdfury integral 2

Hdfury Integral 2
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  HdFury Vertex Highlights

  • Connect any Full HD equipment in any UHD Premium setup at their best capabilities, guaranteed!
  • Always have your setup performance at sight and under control via embedded OLED, On-Screen-Display, InfraRed, RS232, Windows GUI and optionally Android or iOS APP with GoBlue.
  • Support all HDMI Audio formats, all HDMI Video resolutions, all HDCP revisions and all HDR formats in existence today.
  • Scale, convert, replace, disable, inform, modify for workflow, calibration or pleasure. In various fields such as 4K, HLG, ALLM, LLDV, VSIF, HDR10+, DV, EDID, AVI, CST1, SMTPE, RS232



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