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Team HDfury would like to thank you personally for purchasing the 4K Maestro TX!

This unique HDMI2.0b and HDCP2.3 HDBaseT device supports up to 4 inputs for true full
4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps bandwidth signals over HDMI or HDBaseT transmission up to 330ft. It will allow you to solve any HDCP error, extract full HDMI audio and ARC/eARC up to Atmos HBR over TrueHD from ARC and eARC TVs to feed older AVR and Matrix any SD/HD/FHD/UHD/HDR/DV or PC signals up to 600MHz. Upscale or downscale any channel individually, display relevant information on OLED/OSD, select between multiple edid banks for each inputs. Inject, replace or translate HDR metadata and AVI infoframe. It is also capable of auto switching any sources including X1X, ATV4K, Shield, etc… Based onincoming content type it can send relevant RS232 commands to any RS232 controllable display. Control can be completed with IR codes, push buttons on the unit, via RS232 (MAC/WIN/Linux) or through embedded Webserver (for any web browser based device such as MAC/WIN/Linux computer or Android/iOS phones, tablets and others).

Hdfury Maestro TX overview