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HDFury Go32 – Smart Device Control


Elevate your home entertainment with the HDFury Go32, the ultimate device for controlling HDfury gadgets via a user-friendly Android/iOS app. Offering broad compatibility, extended Bluetooth range, and OTA updates, the Go32 is your key to a seamless audio-visual experience.

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40Gbps VRR Splitter, Passthru or FRL5 Upscale or Downscale up to 120Hz while extracting full audio from ANY HDMI source to feed ANY Audio sound system with the best possible audio formats!

8K VRR and HDMI 2.1 eARC/ARC/HDMI sound extractor that supports ANY video and/or audio signal in existence today including VRR, DV, LLDV, HLG, HDR10+, DTS:X, ATMOS and more…

8K Arcana VRR Kit includes:


  • 8K Arcana VRR unit
  • Choice of power supply
  • USB power cable (6ft)


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HDMI Fiber Cable 8k Hdfury


HDMI Fiber Cable 8k

HDMI2.1 Level A Fiber HDMI Cables Tested and Confirmed for 8K60 4:4:4 1500MHz/48Gbps

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Dr HDMI 8K can help to solve most HDMI issues such as handshaking issue, compatibility issue and/or any EDID related issue. It help to keep a source always ON or tricked into a defined state which is especially useful for system integrators.
Dr HDMI 8K can also boost signal integrity and extend +5v signal through a HDMI/DVI-D chain. For example, it can work hands in hands with HDfury products to extend compatibility range. It can also be used to limit the source output resolution.
Dr HDMI 8K acts as an EDID manager, HDMI/DVI-D emulator and repeater that comes with pre-defined presets, user programmable banks, Sink EDID sniffing bank, HTPC mode and more !

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Hdfury Vrroom


8K Vrroom

hdfury 8K Vrroom

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Hdfury 4k Fiber HDMI Cable


This set of always working HDMI fiber cables includes:

  • 1x HDMI2.0a Fiber cable
  • Tested and Confirmed for 600MHz/18Gbps
  • 30ft/10m or 60ft/20m in length
  • No packaging / Bulk condition
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Hdfury Arcana


WORLD’S FIRST eARC adapter that allows FULL AUDIO up to Dolby Atmos over TrueHD from ANY external HDMI source to ANY eARC sound system.
Perfect solution for SONOS Arc and ANY eARC AVR, soundbar or headphones.

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Hdfury Vertex 2


Hdfury Vertex 2 central is featuring 4 HDMI inputs, 2 HDMI video output with scaling option. Up to 18Gbps for video and support any sound format in existence today, HDMI Hdfury Vertex 2 is always running in a Matrix/Scaler mode ensuring your setup remains optimized at its best capabilities.

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