Add DV support to any HDR10 display!

Enjoy Dynamic DV content from LLDV source on any HDR10 display.

<strong>That above stunning 3D like picture is DV content on a HDR10 projector<strong>

Add DV support to any HDR10 display from any DV/LLDV capable source!

Boost your HDR10 display capabilities with an amazing new method that started a growing hype on the major AV forums out there with more than 180K+ views and counting on AVforums and AVSforum

That so-called “hack” or “trick” is basically enabling any HDR10 display to render dynamic DV content from any LLDV capable source. The result is the greatest boost in picture quality that one can get for the money.

While all newer sources are all capable to output DV and LLDV, some older ones might be limited to DV, below is a current list of sources capable to output LLDV.

List of sources capable of LLDV output for any DV content:
–  Sony Players (UBP-X700, UBP-X800/M2, UBP-X1100ES …)
– Apple TV 4K
– Shield Pro
– Xbox One X/S 
– Panasonic UB820/UB9000
– Oppo 203/205
– Fire Stick/Fire Cube (Netflix/ATV App)
– Chromecast (Netflix)

List of sources capable of LLDV output for DV, HDR10 and SDR content:
– Oppo203/205
– Apple TV 4K
– Sony UBP-X700, UBP-X800/M2

This method can be performed on any HDR10 display using Hdfury Vertex2/Diva or Maestro. If you own a JVC PJ with a custom gamma curve or if you have a PJ that can be manually forced in HDR mode, then you can perform this method using Vertex1Integral2 and Linker as well. To get started, we recommend reading both linked threads at the beginning of this post as well as the following guide:

Vertex2 setup guide by user Vollans on AVSforum.

Thanx to power user Claw from AVSforum who posted the below info and links:Options are listed in introduction date order. They are useful to those that don’t want to create their own custom LLDV EDID or create their own color profile in their display device. Don’t mix and match them.

1 – Custom Sony A1 LLDV EDID 5 in combination with Dominic’s A1 custom color profile for JVC. This was the first solution that reduced the red tint we saw when using the A1 LLDV EDID 5. JVC projectors only.

JVC custom A1 color profile download Link:…2&d=1581466297

Procedure for loading JVC custom color profile:…e_en_v1_00.pdf

2 – Mark’s custom BT2020 EDID in combination with BT2020 color profile in any display. This is a good option for those that don’t want to mess with color profiles in your display. Every HDR display should include a BT2020 color proflle.

Custom BT2020 EDID download Link:…2&d=1581851932

3 – Diva/Vertex2/Maestro Automix mode default DV data block with DCI-P3 primaries combined with a DCI-P3 color profile. This option provides the capability to customize the DV data block field values from the defaults if you have one of the new HDfury devices.

Manni’s JVC-only custom DCI-P3 color profile download link for JVC models that don’t have a built-in DCI-P3 profile:…0&d=1506168265

Procedure for loading JVC custom color profile:…e_en_v1_00.pdf

4 – Mark’s custom DCI-P3 EDID in combination with a DCI-P3 color profile. This is a good option for those who have an older HDfury device but want to use a DCI-P3 color profile.

Download link:…2&d=1584451347

Our dev team added a whole new DV section on Hdfury Vertex2/Diva and Maestro that allow to decipher DV metadata, decode DV data block and create your own DV Datablock

Last but not least, we want to thank all individuals who worked on this method and added test results, tweaking tool, custom edid, instructions and more to bring it further.

Special thanx goes to HarperVision, Bmandra, Claw, Markswift2003, Bytehoven, Dominic Chan, Vollans.