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    4K UHD HDMI Splitter Our Splitter 4K UHD handles all video formats down to SD 480p and all the way up to UHD 2160p.AutoMix EDID feature will create a custom EDID by mixing both sink EDID connected to the splitter output ports

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    4k splitter hdmi to 2x dvi out

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    2017 ULTRA FAST INTEGRAL EDITION HDfury Integral 2017 is a 4K60 4:4:4 600MHz 18Gbps HDMI2.0a Level A capable device built for system integrators and advanced users that will please everyone else as well.

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    HDMI Extender 4KX2K HDbitT HDMI over IP CAT6 Extender This HDMI extender applies HDbitT technology, to transmit HDMI signal over single CAT5/5e/6 cable to make the transmission distance up to 394feet (120 meters). The highest resolution supported is 4Kx2K(3840x2160@30Hz), and it will extend HDMI signal unlimitedly with cascade connection.

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    If you ever saw the following statement: “this TV does not support HDCP 2.2. Make sure you have HDCP 2.2 capable TV” or a similar HDCP error message, and even if you fixed such issue with Integral or others but run into limitations like signal unsupported, blackscreen, not getting the best signal to your display from all your sources or no AVR audio...

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